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How to Avoid Aadhaar Fraud Your account can go through all your money

How to Avoid Aadhaar Fraud Your account can go through all your money

December 26, 2018  aadhar card

How to Avoid Aadhaar Fraud You can go through your account. Your money has been linked to the Aadhaar card by the central government. Whether you have a bank account or mobile number, ration card or gas subsidy, without the base card, you can no longer avail the benefits of government schemes or subsidies. It has become mandatory to connect the mobile number to the base. The fact that the base is being made necessary for every work, the matters of fraud related to it are also increasing. Download Aadhar card

How to Avoid Base Fraud

The scams associated with the base in India are heard on the day. Smugglers are constantly inventing new ways and thus money is being flown from people's accounts. The banks are also making customers aware of such scams. While using the Aadhaar, bank accounts are being evacuated. The former General Secretary of the banking union has made people aware of such scams. How to change mobile number in Aadhar card

One case is December 21. Dr. LalMohan received a call and was told that he is the manager of State Bank of India. The person asked for a base number from Lalmohan and then 5,000 rupees before his account and then Rs 20,000 was cut. These are continuing until they have not blocked the account. In the end, only 200 bucks left in his account.

Franco has said that Dr. Lalmohan did not share the password, but it seems that the thug has made money from Lalmohan's base number directly from his bank account, for which he neither required a password nor did OTP. According to the report, Franco said in this convergence, "We should always get the link from our bank with our base account.

How to Avoid Aadhar Card Fraud
If you want to keep your bank account safe or save it from Aadhaar card fraud then these caution should be done, but you may have a bigger hassle than your bank account, your money is empty
Do not give your base number to anyone
Do not set your debit card ATM card password to anyone
 Do not share any of your banking details on the phone '
Sometimes calls are said to have a call from PetiM and your base number should be for E-KYC. Do not trust them,
You do not even call your Aadhaar number in App
Do not even put your account details in bank accounts and base card details in your application
Because no banking institution can ask you for such information on the call.
You have to be careful about this if you get this information if you want it to be shared by your friends, which will be freed from it too, share this post to as many people as possible, if you get the details on mobile and computer, Do and stay connected with us

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